Monday, April 8, 2013

Rum & Contemporary Cuisine available today!

The "front cover" of the book,
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Available today in iTunes from Carlton Grooms and Geoffrey Blythe is a new chapter in cookbooks for rum aficionados and iPad users. "Rum & Contemporary Cuisine," the world's first interactive rum cookbook merges the traditional cookbook and videos, packaged in a well written and beautifully photographed and recorded iBook. Lucky enough to have received an advance copy, I'm already sold on the concept due to its portability, which means I can verify my shopping list as I shop for ingredients... and rums!

"Imagine a TV and cookbook combined into one" says co-founder of the International Rum Council, Carlton Grooms. "You can stop it, back up, read, watch and listen to everything as many times as you wish and at the touch of a button. You can even take notes. Simply pull up the recipe you desire on your iPad and whether a novice cook or experienced chef you get step by step instructions in words, pictures and video until you have a perfect meal ready to wow your guests" he continues. "This approach makes cooking fun and engaging, puts an end to cumbersome cookbooks, and best of all it lets even those who can't fry an egg' look like a Master Chef!"

I have to admit to being anxious to try every one of the almost 50 recipes in the book and am thoroughly excited to see some of my favorite rums featured in those recipes!

‘Rum and Contemporary Cuisine’ is co-authored by Carlton Grooms and Geoffrey Blythe. Mr Grooms is the co-founder of The International Rum Council and Chef Blythe is a nationally acclaimed culinarian with experience in Washington DC, San Francisco, and the James Beard House in New York. Together they are helping people all over the world cook the highest quality rum inspired cuisine in the comfort of their homes and in professional kitchens.

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